You can email any of our chairpersons by clicking on their names in the listing below, and feel free to engage them when you see them at the convention.
Bruce DeMaeyer is Chairperson of the convention

Stew Winstandley is responsible for administration, printing.
Tom Krill is chairman of the Budget & Finances Committee.
Lou Jaquith is chairman of the Hotel Logistics and Banquet committees.
Bob Belt is chairman of the Clinics committee.
Larry Smith is chairman of the  Company Store Committee. 

John Gorman is the Manufacturer's Liason. 

 Bill Paulsell is chairman of the Contest and Operations committee.

Bill Robbins is chairman of the Layout Tours Committee. 

Thomas Bookout is chairman of the Industrial Tours committee 

Ed Butcher is chairmen of Bluegrass Railroad Museum Tour committee  

Bob Ferguson is chairperson for the Heavenly Hilltop (7.5" Gauge, Ride-On) Railroad  Tour committee  

 Mark Hunt is chairperson of the Publicity and Promotions committee  

Rick Cobb is Superintendent of Division 10 and Convention Registrar. 
Tom Bensberg is Webmaster