There will be ample space for lots of model and photo entries, so we''ll need lots of judges. Contact Dick Briggs if you're a qualified judge and willing to help out. There will be a number of regular judged contest divisions, as well as popular vote contests.  

The Mid-Central Regions (MCR) Contest Committee will be taking a more active role in administering the model and photo contests conducted at our annual MCR conventions.  This will ensure year to year continuity in the administration of this function and alleviate confusion before and during the event.  The principle change aligns the categories so that they agree with the NMRA National Contest.

Click link below for a new Contest Entry Form (MCR Form #901 Rev. 7/28/2014). It should be used by all entrants to register their entry.  Bring this form with you to the convention to register your entry.

Also at the other link below is a copy of the current Judge's Score Sheet (NMRA Contest Form 902 Rev B, 23 July 2000). Knowledge of the content of this form can be used to help the entrant best describe the items that apply.  Add detailed information to this sheet about techniques and work incurred in the five (5) judging areas.  Bring this form and additional supporting information with you to the convention and contest registration.

The Peoples Choice Awards will be made for a subset of the judged Model and Photo categories.  A ballot will be included in the registrant's registration package defining the categories and voting instructions.

All of the awards will be made after the banquet on Saturday.